We offer a complete range of patents services, including conducting patent searches and advice thereon.

Trade Marks

    We offer a complete range of trade mark services, including searches, registrability opinions and domain name-related services.


    Copyright protects the authors of original works, including literary, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual creations, both published and unpublished.

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A. A & ASSOCIATES – a leading Pakistani intellectual property law firm. Our senior partners, patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and lawyers provide a range of integrated intellectual property services across an expanding network of offices. Our partners and senior attorneys all have laser-like focus on the subject matter areas in which our firm practices, as you will see when you review the backgrounds of some of our team.

We offer a full range of patents, trademark, copyrights and industrial design services including availability searches, applications and registrations, opposition and cancellation proceedings. Our clients include small and large businesses, corporations and institutions, as well as individual entrepreneurs and inventors.

We believe that our clients except and deserve to receive top-quality legal services at the best possible price.