We offer a complete range of patents services, including conducting patent searches and advice thereon.

Trade Marks

    We offer a complete range of trade-mark services, including searches, registrability opinions and domain name-related services.


    Copyright protects the authors of original works, including literary, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual creations, both published and unpublished.

Our Mission
“To develop polices and practices that secure and protect our clients’ broad range of intellectual property rights from new inventions to new technologies, from brands to products, from services to innovations; to give clear advice and practical solutions to our clients conforming to local as well as international IPR environments”.

Core Values

  • Proactive Approach
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Due Diligence
  • Diversity

About Us

A.A & Associates, International Patent and Trademarks Attorneys,  is a leading Pakistani intellectual property firm is formed by Mr. Abdul Aziz, senior partner in the year 1985 upon his retirement as an Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs, as an IP Law Firm of repute. Since inception the firm is exclusively practicing in the field of intellectual property rights and related disputes and now is ably being led by the second generation of leadership. The firm has already embarked upon and established excellent international affiliations with leading names in the field of IPR in many countries of the world. The firm enjoys an extensive reputation among its well- renowned clients in Pakistan featuring both national and multi-nationals companies.

Our partners bring decades of experience to our firm. Their skills were honed at many of Pakistan’s and the country's leading international corporate and IP law firms. Our experience with a team approach shows that coordination among team members achieves the best results. Our discipline and execution compliment planning and theory. We pay painstaking attention to preparation of legal papers and strategies, based upon the nature of the problem and the risks involved. Sometimes the goal is fairly straight forward -- find a new brand name, minimize the risks that its use will infringe others, and maximize the prospects for developing value in that brand. Other times our job will have an enormous impact on the viability of the company, where a key product, patent or copyrighted work is under attack.

Our partners and senior attorneys all have laser-like focus on the subject matter areas in which our firm practices, as you will see when you review the backgrounds of some of our team. We exist to provide excellent representation. We are graced with fine client relationships and employ our experience for world famous companies, advertisers, and manufacturers, all of whom rely on us to protect their inventions and ideas