1. 1. Mr. Abdul Aziz, is founding member of A. A & Associates and is presently senior partners to the firm. Mr. Aziz is involved with management of the firm’s domestic and foreign patent practice from application development and filing through issuance. Prior to establishing A. A & Associates Mr.Aziz, served for 34 years as Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs, Government of Pakistan. He is among the three Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright experts in Pakistan to receive training from the Patent Office, Australia. He had also worked as senior research fellow sponsored by (WIPO) Geneva, at the Commonwealth Office, Canberra Australia.

    Mr. Aziz received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Mechanical engineering, from Aligarh University British India and his Bachelor of  Laws from S.M. Law Collage Pakistan.

    2. Mrs. Yasmeen Abbasi, recently joined a firm as a senior partner. She had wide 37 years working experience as Controller of Patents and Registrar of Designs in the Patent Office Pakistan. During her 37 years of meritorious service she decided the numbers litigations of Patents and Designs. Her practice spans a wide variety of intellectual property areas, including Patents and Industrial Designs.

    A widely traveled professional, Ms. Abbasi has attended training sessions in U.K, Japan, China, USA, Geneva (WIPO), Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran, Thailand, Canada and Australia. As a veteran IPR Practitioner, she has presented well-received papers at seminars in Pakistan and abroad, besides acting as a highly respected and sought-after authority on Intellectual Property Rights, in Pakistan and in the Region.

    She received her Master degree in Science and Bachelor of Laws at the Karachi University Pakistan, and completed her undergraduate studies at Women College, where she received her Bachelor of Science.

3. Mr. Kazim Raza Abbasi is a partner of the firm, and practices primarily in the firm's litigation department. He has broad intellectual property experience representing and counseling a wide range of domestic and international clients in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and related intellectual property matters. His litigation experience includes obtaining and defending injunctions, internet disputes, trademark misuse, and ex parte seizures of counterfeit products. Mr. Abbasi has appeared and argued patent, trademark and copyright matters in Hon’ ble High Courts in Pakistan.

Mr. Abbasi also has extensive experience before the Pakistan Trademark Registry, Patent Office and Copyright Registry, having successfully litigated and/or resolved dozens of Opposition and Cancellation disputes.

He received his Master degree in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science at Hamdard University of Information Technology, Karachi (Pakistan) and did his Bachelors of Laws at Karachi University of Pakistan.

  1. 4. Ms. Naseem Wasil Rizvi, is of senior counsel to the firm. Ms. Rizvi became senior counsel to the firm in 2005. Ms. Rizvi worked as Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs at the Patent Office Pakistan for 20 years. She is highly experienced and brings with her ample exposure gained through participation in a number of International Seminars and Workshops on Patent Laws.

    She has enjoyed a wide variety of legal experiences over her career that has provided her with a unique perspective and legal set. She has an extensive experience in drafting and filing of patents and designs; defending the oppositions, revocations and litigations proceedings; franchising and compulsory licensing and patents validations system.

She received her Master degree in Science and Bachelor of Laws at the Karachi University Pakistan, and completed her undergraduate studies at Women College, where she received her Bachelor of Science.

5. A. Ali, work as a consultant in the firm,entails the prosecution of copyright and trademark applications. Mr. Ali work entails the prosecution of copyright and trademark applications. He was former Professor of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, S.M. Law College, Karachi, Pakistan. He was Ex-Counselor and is current Member of APAA and IPBA, Tokyo, (Japan), former overseas Member of AIPPI and Honorary Government Nominated Member of the Amendment Committee for incorporating GATT. In addition he represented AAPA at Trade Mark Assembly Sessions of WIPO at Geneva. He is well known senior lawyer with over 45 years of exclusive practice in the field of IP, related disputes and litigations.

The team of A.A & Associates has an in vast knowledge of all relating laws of Intellectual Property Rights.