Copyright is an instrument that provides the clients’ works of art or literature. In this part, we offer services include; filing copyright applications and prosecuting till registration, official actions, acceptance & registration, filing opposition & defending proceedings which includes cancellation of copyright as well, filing an defending appeals before Superior Courts.


Copyright is the exclusive legal rights given to the creator of intellectual work for a specific time period. It ultimately gives right to the creator to make copies of the work and an economic incentive or create new work. It is a privilege given by the Law to the creator of work and a way to produce original expression of idea in the form of artistic work. The objection of the law is to encourage the advancement and novelty of knowledge and concepts.

Registrable works for copyright:

Copyright registration can only be applied for; artistic work, producers of Cinematographic films, Music recordings, Voice recordings, literacy works, musical works, dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial, graphics & sculptures, audiovisuals, architectural plans, drawings, paintings and others.

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

original work, protects the intellectual property of the creator and makes sure that the work cannot be replicated in prescribed period of time. Copyright registration gives you the exclusive rights to use your creative work in any manner under the Law. Copyright registration gives you benefits and a bundle of rights including; right to reproduction, right to communication, adaptions, translations, right to create a presumption of ownership & right to sue infringers in Court. A few benefits that copyright registration ensures are; General display of ownership, Benefit to work freely, Passing on the right of work, Improves reputation, Legal protection of ownership, Restrict use of copyright work, Eligible for statutory damages, Pre-emptive measure


Following are the basic requirement for the Copyright registration in Pakistan;

  • Name, complete address, profession, nationality of the applicant.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Year of creation of the work.
  • Year from which the work was published or used.
  • Affidavit from the author, if applicant is a party other than the author.
  • Soft copies in PDF format in case of logo/artwork


  • Application for copyright registration in triplicate in Form-II, joined by statement of particulars along with two duplicate copies of original work & other compliance, submitted with the prescribed fee.
  • The application is examined by the examiner at copyright office. In case an objection is raised, they are called for hearings, the applicant has to remove all the objections to proceed with copyright registration. In case no objection raises, the application is accepted by the registrar and officially publish in the newspaper or media (where required).
  • On receipt of application, the registrar shall enter the particulars of the work in the register of copyright and issues the certificate of the registration unless, for the purpose to be recorded in writing, he considers not to make the entry in respect of the work.
  • Once accepted, the certificate of copyright registration is issued to the creator.

Laws and rules:

  • Copyright Ordinance, 1962.
  • Copyright Rules, 1967.

Duration & renewal:

In Pakistan, registered copyright lasts for the lifetime and 50 years thereafter.

International copyright registration:

A.A. Associates offers the services of International Copyright Registration.

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