An industrial design is a graceful Ornamental of an article. In industrial design, we offer services which are; conducting design searches, advices/consultancy, preparing & filing design applications, design registration, Annuities, legal actions, Filing & defending the cancellations proceedings & oppositions before the Registrar of Designs and Appeals in High Courts along with design litigations before District and High Courts.


Design means unique aspects of shape, figure, blueprints and decorations. The Design registration basically protects the actual appearance of a design applied on any of the products as well as gives exclusive rights on the appearance and design of the product to stop an unauthorized party to copy and produce the item as your registered design.

Work requires Design Registration:

The registrable work for Design Registration includes;

  • Wallpaper patterns, shapes & appearance of the products/items, business processes, circuit designs and architectural designs.

Importance of Design registration:

An innovative and exceptional design clicks the mind towards the new and exclusive features of a product that simultaneously recognizes due to its unique shape, pattern, formation and distinguished combinations. It influences the consumers’ mind in the positive manner. Further, the design registration is obviously important in order to protect from infringement as well as to promote and bring creativity and originality. It offers legal shield against design plagiarism, enhances validity, prominent selling point, protects creativity, and convinces client response together with prompt innovations.


For the registration of Design in Pakistan, following are the mandatory requirements;

  • Full name, nationality and complete business address of the applicant.
  • 06 copies as the Representations of the design.
  • Power of Attorney duly signed by authorized signatory and notarized by notary public.
  • In case of priority application, certified priority documents can be filed either together with filing of the application or within 03 months of date of filing. Priority can be claimed for corresponding applications filed in WTO member countries by simply filing application in Pakistan within six months from the date of foreign application.


  • An application for registration of design is submitted to Controller of Designs who further submits it to the Examiner of the Designs.
  • Examiner thoroughly examines ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­the design and submits a report which is considered by the controller on eligibility of the design.
  • In case of objections, the controller adverse the applicant to remove objections and make amendments in the said design within 03 months. Or, the design may withdraw.
  • Upon satisfaction and no objections, if the applicant compliances all the mandatory requirements under the ordinance, the registration certificate is issued and sent to the applicant.
  • Once the design is registered, it is officially published in the e-journal of Patent within prescribed period.

Laws and rules:

  • The Registered Designs Ordinance, 2001.

Duration & renewal:

The validity period of the design is initially 10 years from the date of registration which can be extended by 5 years through renewal application.

International Design registration:

A.A. Associates offers the services of International Design Registration.

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